Update to Lab Automation status event

The automationFileTransform.updated.status event will be delivered when a transform step is applied Lab Auto input file in addition to an output file. This change in behavior will start on February 28th 2023.


[BUGFIX] Removing `configuration` property from `v2/apps/{app_id}` response

A configuration property was incorrectly being returned in the response from v2/apps/{app_id} . This property will no longer be returned starting on February 18th 2023. If you need to query an app’s configuration, please use the v2/app-configuration-items endpoint.


Adding `id` field to non-interactive block types

Canvas UI blocks of type MARKDOWN, SECTION , and CHIP will now support an id field. If no id is provided, one will be auto-generated by Benchling.


Benchling SDK Version 1.5.1 Release

Version 1.5.1 adds support for Python 3.11, updates request/response models, and includes fixes for listing sort parameters.


Deprecating alpha App Configuration APIs

All v2-alpha app configuration endpoints are now officially deprecated; these endpoints will be fully sunset on December 15th.


Benchling SDK Version 1.5.0 Release

Version 1.5.0 of the Benchling SDK includes sweeping fixes, promotion of various alpha and beta features, and support for new features like App Configuration, RNA, and more. Version 1.5.0 includes bug fixes that may result in breaking changes; read on for more details.


[BUGFIX] Error when creating and registering entities using incorrect naming strategy

This fix enforces proper namingStrategy validation for all entities created and registered via the API. Validation will be enforced starting on November 28th, 2022


SDK Preview Builds

Pre-release Preview builds of the Benchling SDK are now published to PyPi


Standardizing filters on List Assay Results Endpoint

Non-standard filter parameters (i.e. minCreatedAt and maxCreatedAt) are being marked DEPRECATED in favor of createdAt for the List Assay Results endpoint


[DEPRECATION] `field$raw` warehouse table

The field$raw warehouse table is being marked deprecated on August 22nd 2022