SDK Version 1.12.0 Release

Version 1.12.0 of the Benchling SDK is a release focusing on coverage. This includes promoting upsert and bulk upsert methods for entities, adding filters for listing plates, and a method for retrieving warehouse user credentials summaries.


Transfers are no longer deleted when container contents are removed

Transfers will now be retained as a historical record, in both the Benchling UI and the container_transfer warehouse table, even after container contents are removed. This change will be live on March 29th 2024.


SDK Version 1.11.0 Release

Version 1.11.0 of the Benchling SDK introduces a helper function verify for verifying webhooks, and deprecates the verify_app_installation in the benchling_sdk.apps.helpers.webhook_helpers module. When polling for Async tasks with benchling.tasks.wait_for_task(), the default max_wait_seconds has been raised from 30 seconds to 600 seconds. Other changes include new helper function for references in App Status, support for Python 3.12, and a bug fix in OAuthClientCredentials.


Entity upsert endpoints promoted to stable

A number of upsert endpoints are being promoted from v2-beta to the v2 stable API. The new v2 stable endpoints are now live; the corresponding v2-beta endpoints are now deprecated, and will be fully sunset at a later date.


[SUNSET] v2-beta and v2-experimental search-bases and match-bases endpoints

A number of v2-beta and v2-experimental endpoints that have stable v2 counterparts are currently marked deprecated, and will be fully sunset on March 29th 2024.


[SUNSET] Reminder: Removal of Batches APIs

The Batches API marked deprecated in May 2023 (see here) will be fully sunset on May 20th, 2024


[DEPRECATED] Fixed plate wells can no longer be independently renamed

Benchling will no longer support changing the name of wells in fixed plates; fixed plate well names will only be updated if the plate name is updated. This change will go live on July 8th 2024.


SDK Version 1.10.0 Release

Version 1.10.0 of the Benchling SDK promotes many of the features in the benchling.apps package from beta to stable. Some significant changes were made as part of this final promotion: Dataset methods in benchling.v2.beta.datasets were removed and replaced by benchling.v2.beta.data_frames. Data Frames remain in v2-beta stability in the API.


[BETA] Changes to `name` and `filename` fields

The name and filename fields returned from the GET /v2-beta/files endpoint will correspond to the in-app display name and the original name of the uploaded file, respectively. This change will go live on February 8th 2024.


[BETA] [BUGFIX] List DNA Sequences Endpoints Update

The v2-beta DNA Sequences list endpoints (i.e. /dna-sequences:match-bases and /dna-sequences:search-bases) are being updated to only return DNA Sequence entities in the response. Currently, RNA Sequence and Oligo entities may be erroneously returned. This update will go live on February 7th 2024.