Adding `app_id` parameter to App Canvas endpoints

The app_id parameter will now be returned when querying app canvases, and can optionally be included when creating canvases. The parameter will be required when creating canvases on June 21st.

What’s changing?

We are adding the app_id parameter to existing Canvas interfaces in order to explicitly denote which app the Canvas belongs to. This involves two specific changes:

  • When making a GET request to a canvas endpoint, the app_id property will be included in the response body. This is a non-breaking change, and is currently live.
  • When making a POST request to create a canvas, the app_id parameter may be provided. Currently, the app_id parameter is optional; going forward, the parameter will be required. This is a breaking change that will be implemented on June 21st.

When is this happening?

The app_id parameter appearing in canvas payloads and the ability to optionally include it when creating canvases is currently live. The app_id parameter will be required when creating a canvas starting on June 21st.