Adding `id` field to non-interactive block types

Canvas UI blocks of type MARKDOWN, SECTION , and CHIP will now support an id field. If no id is provided, one will be auto-generated by Benchling.

What’s changing?

Previously, only interactive block types (like BUTTON and SEARCH_INPUT ) supported an id field, while non-interactive block types (like MARKDOWN and SECTION) did not. This made it difficult for app developers to do things like update the text of a markdown block.

Going forward, non-interactive block types will support the id field, allowing app developers to specify unique identifiers for these blocks like any other. Specifically, this includes block of type CHIP, MARKDOWN, and SECTION. The id field will not be required for non-interactive blocks; if no value is provided for the id field when created, Benchling will automatically generate a value.

When is this happening?

Non-interactive block types will have an id field starting on February 14th 2023