Benchling Developer Changelog

Benchling is creating a Developer Changelog! Starting today, all updates to Benchling that impact the Developer Platform will be announced in the Benchling Developer Changelog. This includes new releases, sunsets, and everything in between. Here's what to expect:

What's Changing?

Here, we'll provide a description of the functionality that's changing. This could include features we've added, improvements to existing functionality, bug fixes, or deprecations and sunsets. We'll also include important information about how the changes impact the platform, and links to the relevant documentation for continued reading.

When is this happening?

Here, we'll get specific about when changes are rolling out. We'll announce new functionality and non-breaking updates in tandem with our Release Notes. The timeline for breaking changes follow our stability guidelines, so expect to see deprecations and sunsets announced with plenty of warning. For exceptional circumstances where bug fixes are rolled out more quickly than the usual stability guidelines, we will post updates to the changelog as soon as possible.

What about Release Notes?

Don't worry; Release Notes aren't going anywhere. Updates to the Developer Platform and other Benchling apps will continue appear in Release notes, but updates that have a direct impact on the developer experience will also appear here in the changelog.

The Benchling Developer Changelog is officially live! Going forward, developer-related product changes and updates will be posted here. Check in periodically, or subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up-to-date on changes to the Benchling Developer Platform.