Benchling SDK Version 1.2.0 Release

Version 1.2.0 of the Benchling SDK includes support for our Feature library APIs, improvements to the AA Sequences and Oligos services, and some minor bug fixes.

What’s changing?

Version 1.2.0 includes some net-new features: First, the Feature library APIs are now fully implemented in the SDK (see benchling.feature_libraries). Additionally, AA sequences, DNA Oligos, and RNA Oligos can now be bulk updated in the SDK (see benchling.aa_sequences.bulk_update()).

In addition, this version includes some minor bug fixes:

  • API retries were not being properly applied when iterating over results in PageIterators returned from list endpoints.
  • Bulk get entities by registry (e.g. benchling.registry.entities()) was previously serializing the entity_registry_ids parameter incorrectly and only returning the first requested entity. The parameter should now properly accept an array of multiple entity IDs (e.g. ["id_1", "id_2"]) and work as expected.
    • NOTE: Customers may have previously worked around this by providing a comma-separated string as a single array entity like ["id_1,id_2"]. This will now raise an error.

When is this happening?

Version 1.2.0 is now live!