Bugfix: DNA Sequence Auto-Annotation

Bugfix for POST /dna-sequences:auto-annotate endpoint

What’s changing?

Currently, the DNA Sequence auto-annotate endpoint allows Oligos to be provided as input. Despite the successful status code, the created annotations are not visible in Benchling and are completely inaccessible to users.

Going forward, we’re resolving this erroneous behavior by returning an error when any non-DNA Sequence entity is provided as input to the DNA Sequences auto-annotate endpoint. You’ll receive a 400 error with the following message:

Entities must be DNA sequences. No annotations were created.

Note that this impacts the entire request; if any non-DNA Sequence entity is included, the entire request will fail. This brings the API behavior inline with the expected functionality of the tool.

When is this happening?

This change is already live; the DNA Sequence auto-annotation endpoint now returns an error when provided with any non-DNA Sequence input.