[DEPRECATION] `field$raw` warehouse table

The field$raw warehouse table is being marked deprecated on August 22nd 2022

What’s changing?

The field$raw table is being marked as deprecated. This also impacts views created from the table, including the field table.

The field$raw table contains the values of all schema fields across all schemas in a given organization; this broad structure means the table becomes very large and unwieldy. Queries against this table are generally very slow, and syncing data to this table from Benchling’s internal database has become prohibitively resource intensive. We have found that most customers do not use this table and that using this table can be confusing and tedious compared to using the per-schema tables.

Going forward, deprecating the field$raw table will allow for lower sync latency and more performant queries to the warehouse across all Benchling customers. The data previously accessibly in the field$raw table is still generally available across other schema and per-schema tables in the relevant organization.

When is this happening?

The field$raw table is being marked as deprecated on August 22nd 2022, and will be fully sunset at a future date to be determined. Tenants that currently have access will continue to have access after that point, until the table is fully sunset. Tenants that do not currently have access (i.e. new tenants) will not be able to access the field$raw table or derivative tables including field after that point.