App Canvas Initialization Experience

App canvas initialization for apps with an ASSAY_RUN canvas feature responding to webhooks will no longer receive a canvasId as part of the payload.

These changes are effective March 3rd 2023.

What’s changing?

Previously, the app canvas initialization experience was inconsistent depending on the type of features specified by the developer in the app’s manifest. For ASSAY_RUN features, Benchling would automatically create an app canvas internally, and send a v2-alpha.canvas.interaction webhook containing the created canvasId.

Moving forward, Benchling will allow the app to create the canvas, and will send a v0-beta.canvas.initialized webhook that will no longer contain a canvasId.

Users should POST a new canvas to the target resourceId of the assay run. Previously, they were able to PATCH a canvas that was created automatically as part of this process.

When is this happening?

The updated canvas payloads and experience will be available starting March 3rd 2023.