`POST /transfers` endpoint to specify `sourceConcentration` as a measurement

The specification for the POST /transfers endpoint is being updated to denote that the sourceConcentration field is a Measurement, not just a generic object. There’s no change in functionality for this endpoint, however the name of the corresponding SDK parameter will change from MultipleContainersTransferSourceConcentration to Measurement. This change will be going live on September 25th 2023.

What’s changing?

Currently, the OpenAPI specification for the POST /transfers endpoint describes the sourceConcentration parameter generically as an object. More specifically, this parameter should be described as a Measurement type; we’re updating the specification (and therefore the reference documentation) to reflect this change.

There is no change to the endpoint’s functionality; this change only improves the accuracy of our documentation. However, this will result in a change to the corresponding parameter in the Benchling SDK. The parameter name will be changed from MultipleContainersTransferSourceConcentration to Measurement.

When is this happening?

This change will be going live on September 25th 2023. To find the most recent SDK release, check it out in PyPI.