SDK Version 1.6.1 Release

Version 1.6.0 of the Benchling SDK includes some minor fixes related to AsyncTask deserialization and Lab Automation models.

What’s changing?


  • AsyncTask now deserializes properly when using benchling.tasks.get_by_id() and benchling.tasks.wait_for_task()
    • Previously, it was possible for an erroneous AsyncTask to have differing shapes from prior SDK versions in the additional_properties attribute of errors.
  • AutomationOutputProcessor in benchling-api-client models has been updated to allow archive_record to be None; this is to support an upcoming breaking API change.
    • Previously, archive_record wasn’t returned by the API and the spec incorrectly did not allow it to be nullable.

When is this happening?

Version 1.6.1 of the Benchling SDK is now live! Find the SDK in PyPI