Support for sample control features in Container API

Containers in Benchling are being updated to support access restrictions and ownership. This information will be visible via the Containers API, and may impact integration access to containers and samples.

What’s changing?

Benchling is investing in sample use and distribution to make it easier to find samples, understand at glance who owns a sample, and identify whether its use is restricted; more information on these changes can be found in the Knowledge Base. In addition to the product functionality described above, these changes also impact the sample data that is returned from Benchling’s Containers API.

Specifically, these changes may impact integrations in the following ways:

  • GET responses will include restriction status, restricted sample parties, and sample owners for all non-well containers.
  • Create, update, and transfer endpoints will support setting values for restriction status, restricted sample parties, and sample owners.
  • Restricted containers will require that apps are designated as restricted sample parties in order to perform write actions.

When is this happening?

These changes are currently live! Check out this Knowledge Base article for more details on the product changes.