Update to Lab Automation status event

The automationFileTransform.updated.status event will be delivered when a transform step is applied Lab Auto input file in addition to an output file. This change in behavior will start on February 28th 2023.

What’s changing?

Currently, the automationFileTransform.updated.status event is fired when an output file transform undergoes a status change. Since input files do not support transformations, no such event is fired for input files. This means that event-driven integrations could assume that these events exclusively reference output files.

New functionality is being introduced to the Lab Automation product to allow transformation steps to be applied to both input and output files. When this change is implemented, the automationFileTransform.updated.status event will be fired when either input or output file transforms undergo a status change.

Integrations that listen for the automationFileTransform.updated.status event should check whether a given event corresponds to an input or output file. This can be done by either:

  1. Parsing the transformId field value: Values that start with aitf correspond to input file transforms, while values that start with aotf correspond to output file transforms
  2. Checking for the inputGeneratorId / outputProcessorId fields: One field will be null while the other will have a value, depending on whether the corresponding event was triggered by an input or an output file transform.

When is this happening?

This functionality will go live on February 28th 2023