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What does Beta mean?

Along with the note of caution in the getting started doc, Beta means that we are still in the process of solidifying our guarantees around the behavior of the event system. This includes things like how quickly events are delivered, how events are retrieved if delivery is unsuccessful, and downtime.

How fast do events get delivered?

For most events, they are delivered within a few seconds of the change happening in Benchling that triggers them.

If the system is under a high load or if the event is triggered as part of a large bulk transaction (EG bulk registering entities), latency can increase to be much higher, on the order of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

How do I get access to the Events Beta?

Since the Event system is in Beta, we require customers to have Benchling support enable it for them. Reach out to support to have it activated.

What is an event subscription status?

EventBridge subscriptions have 3 statuses: Active, Pending, Expired.

An Active subscription requires no further action; its setup has been completed in AWS.
A Pending subscription has been created by Benchling as a partner event source in AWS, but it lacks an associated event-bus in AWS. This setup must be completed within 12 days, steps are in the Getting Started Guide.
An Expired subscription was created at least 12 days ago, but no event-bus was associated. Expired event subscriptions will not be present as a partner event source in AWS. Click resubscribe in the events settings page ( to re-create the partner event source and return the subscription to the Pending status.

How long are events kept?

Events are able to be retrieved from the List Events API for up to 2 weeks after they have been issued.

Will Benchling add support for event delivery methods other than EventBridge?

We currently do not have plans to support any additional delivery methods, but please contact Benchling support if you have a specific interface or use case that's needed!

If there is an outage in the Event system, how do I recover lost events?

In the event of an outage, Benchling will notify customers of the affected time period. Events are able to be retrieved from the List Events API for up to 2 weeks after they have been issued and can be filtered by time. Steps to recover would be:

  1. Receive outage window from Benchling
  2. Query the dropped events from the List Events API
  3. Route the events to the integration(s) in your infrastructure

During the Beta period, we do not have a way to resend events over EventBridge. Any filtering/routing of these retrieved events will have to be handled either manually or through your infrastructure.

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Events FAQs

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